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Band Performances

History is full of artists that the world had never heard of until they released a live album or CD. There is just something about the energy of a good live performance that is very difficult to duplicate in the studio. Four Loud Barks will help you capture that energy so that you can share it with fans and potential clients.

Click to listen to a sample recital recording excerpt

Since there will most likely be a live sound company providing your FOH sound and monitoring, many of the microphones used will be theirs. However, I will insist that our high-end mic splitters with the recognized best, Jensen, transformers be used so that we can use the same mic preamps that are available here in the studio with total independent control over input levels. I will work out the details with the sound company involved well in advance of your show, and will arrive well in advance of your show so that set-up runs smoothly, and that “the tape is running” when your band takes the stage.

Red-book compliant mixed and mastered CD-Rs, or DDP image files that are ready for a replication house, such as DiscMakers, are usually the final audio product from Four Loud Barks. However, if you prefer to have your project mixed and/or mastered elsewhere, then we are happy to provide you with all the raw WAV audio files of each recorded track.

Waveform sample image

Once the audio portion of your project is completed it must be packaged. This may be easily overlooked by many, but for a nominal additional fee we will arrange for plenty of high quality photographs to be taken during your performance. These can be delivered to you in order for you to create the packaging, or Four Loud Barks will provide graphic design work for your project that can then be sent to the replication house. However, if you want fewer than fifty CD-R packages then we are capable of providing a professional looking jewel case product for you.

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