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Band Recordings

We can build your songs using multiple over-dubs, a live – everyone in the same room approach, or a hybrid approach where some of the instruments are isolated during a live performance. A scratch vocal track can be recorded with the band with a composite track being created later from multiple over-dubs. Whatever works. We can experiment with various approaches until we find the one that best suits your band.

headphones for bands image

We have enough headphones for everyone, and every band member can hear a custom cue mix. The bassist can hear more kick while the vocalist can hear no kick. The guitarist can hear more guitar while the keyboard player hears just the vocals.

Waveform screenshot

Once the audio portion of your project is completed it must be packaged. This may be easily overlooked by many, but for a nominal additional fee we will arrange for plenty of high quality photographs to be taken during your performance. These can be delivered to you in order for you to create the packaging, or Four Loud Barks will provide graphic design work for your project that can then be sent to the replication house. However, if you want fewer than fifty CD-R packages then we are capable of providing a professional looking jewel case product for you.

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