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Church / Choral Programs

Provide a CD to all those musicians who spent hours each day preparing for the rehearsals and the performance, to all the unpaid choir members whose dedication made the program possible. A CD of the program will greatly enhance the sense of accomplishment of all the participants.

Four Loud Barks is capable of delivering any length of audio in any file format you require for your website. Upload the recording of your entire program or choose a few 40 second excerpts. A strong music program is often among the most desired characteristics when someone is looking for a new church. Audio is a critical component of your website.

Click to hear a sample church choir recording excerpt

In many church and "recital" spaces environmental noises such as HVAC or electrical system buzzing can severely limit the quality of a recording. Unfortunately, in my experience, the minimization of these environmental noises was most likely the furthest thing from the mind of those who designed your building. Four Loud Barks will gladly attend rehearsals so that performer locations and microphone placements can be considered in order to minimize such interferences. In those cases, where our best efforts to minimize environmental noises during the program fails, our studio software can be employed to minimize, if not totally remove, such noises. The application of software to remove HVAC and electrical noises is included in your base contract fee. For an additional fee noises such as coughs and babies' cries may also be minimized.

A careful, methodical approach to the set-up of all the recording equipment that will be used is critical to the success of your project. In order to assure that no detail is overlooked please inquire about options to set-up recording equipment during the week before your program. If the space is available, arrangements may be made to prepare for the recording well in advance. It may even be possible to review all the set-up elements by recording a portion of rehearsal(s).

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