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Four Loud Barks mixes Hardwood medley

Hardwood was a local band that was busy in the area during the 70s. Even though its members are now scattered across the country, they come together every other year to perform for a reunion bash held in Christiansburg, VA. During the 2015 reunion 12 to 14 channels of the live board was recorded, and later Four Loud Barks was given these files to mix into 23 songs and one medley.

The Highlands Jazz Quintet CD cover image

RYZ records "Heading Out" EP

The Blacksburg, Virginia band called RYZ recorded their EP, "Heading Out" at Four Loud Barks. The EP includes four great songs written by David Yolton.

Lawrence Reid Bechtel records at Four Loud Barks

Lawrence Reid Bechtel recorded the narration of "Miracle: Nativity of Jesus Revisited" during the months of December, 2016 and January, 2017. Lawrence is a sculptor, and author. This story is an expanded version of the Nativity, and it complements his commissioned Nativity Scene sculpture set. He returned in May, 2017 to record the first chapter of his new novel.

Justin Craig records over a dozen pieces

Justin Craig classical guitar trio recorded at Four Loud Barks in October, 2016. Over a dozen pieces were recorded for the promotion of Justin's arrangements that are available on Sheet Music Plus.

Four Loud Barks Assists the Pipeline Opponents

During 2015 Four Loud Barks provided audio restoration, and recording services to Marino Colmano at Lucid Media in Blacksburg, VA related to his Pipeline Documentary Series. These are a series of 22 episodes of video documenting the opposition to high-pressure, high-volume natural fracked gas transmission pipelines being proposed in Southwest and Central Virginia. Assistance was provided in the form of removing various background noises during dialog, to audio troubleshooting and correction, to the recording of guitar and banjo played by Zach Lutman and violin played by Patrick Gallagher. Zach and Patrick can be heard in various places within the "Science," "Sacrificial Resource Zone" and the "Distressed" episodes. Other audio assistance was provided as needed throughout many of the other episodes. These videos can be watched on Marino's website at

Also during 2015 Four Loud Barks provided on site audio recording assistance for the Public Service Video produced by Matthew Pickett for Preserve Montgomery County and This video is basically a short plea for concerned community members to get involved in opposing the damage to our pristine environment that these natural gas transmission lines will cause. Matthew has produced some important films related to land and water use, and we appreciated the opportunity to work with him on this one.

Justin Craig Returns to Four Loud Barks

In June of 2015 Four Loud Barks was chosen to record Justin's performance of "Magic Serenade" written by Bryan Johanson. The recording was used in a Promotional Video for Blacksburg Artists.

Bill Walker audio books available

Captured at Four Loud Barks in Decemeber 2013, the audio books Getting High: The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal and Skywalker: Close Encounters on the Appalachian Trail written and narrated by Bill Walker, became available for purchase through in 2014.

In November, 2013 Earl Norris became an Associate member of the Audio Engineering Society.

The AES is an international society of audio engineers, creative artists, scientists, and students committed to audio recording and technology. Thru conferences, conventions, and research publications its members are afforded the opportunities to exchange ideas, share technical knowledge, and influence the future of audio technology. Four Loud Barks is proud to offer its key personnel this membership as an important part of their continuing professional education and development.

Singer/Songwriter, Leslie Brooks, records backing vocals at Four Loud Barks.

In early November Leslie used Four Loud Barks to record the backing vocals for three songs that will be on her upcoming Christmas CD..

Justin Craig records pieces composed by Pat Raison

Justin Craig returned in September, 2013 to Four Loud Barks to record two pieces that a good friend of his, Pat Raison, composed. Pat composed some fabulous pieces for classical guitar that are a blend of influences ranging from standard classical guitar literature to grunge and rock. We are unfortunate that Pat passed away in 2012

Bridget Simmerman, LCSW, records at Four Loud Barks

In August, 2013 Bridget Simmerman gave voice to two cds that are used in her Mindfulness Stress Reduction Workshop. These cds will help guide students who are new to meditation and awareness practices. All recording, editing, and mastering was performed by Four Loud Barks.

Now accepting Visa, MasterCard, and Discover

Effective as of June 1, 2013, Four Loud Barks is now accepting payment by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards.

The Highlands Jazz Quintet CD cover image

The Highlands Jazz Quintet releases first CD

The Highlands Jazz Quintet releases their first CD! It was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Four Loud Bark during 2012. The Highlands Jazz Quintet is a group of extremely talented musicians playing some of the finest jazz to be heard in the Blacksburg area.

Virginia Tech audio book now available

Captured at Four Loud Barks in January 2013, the audio book No Right to Remain Silent: What We've Learned from the Tragedy at Virginia Tech written and narrated by Lucinda Roy, is now available for purchase through

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