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Recital Presentations

Whether you need to submit a recording of a recital performance for scholarship consideration, or as part of a college music program admission requirement, or you want to share your performance with those unable to attend, Four Loud Barks will utilize studio quality equipment and expertise in order to assure that a pristine, and accurate recording of your performance is captured with care.

Click to listen to a sample excerpt from a recital recording

In many recital spaces environmental noises such as HVAC or electrical system buzzing can severely limit the quality of a recital recording. Four Loud Barks will gladly attend rehearsal(s) so that performer locations and microphone placements can be considered in order to minimize such interferences. Of course, the best approach is to not record these noises in the first place, but this is often unavoidable. In those cases, where our best efforts to minimize environmental noises during the recital fails, our studio software can be employed to take over; to minimize, if not totally remove, such noises. The application of software to remove HVAC and electrical noises is included in your base contract fee. For an additional fee noises such as coughs and babies' cries may also be minimized.

If the recital space is available, I will arrive hours before your recital so that all microphones are in place and ready, and all other elements of the recording system have been methodically set-up and tested, long before you arrive.

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